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Whether you are just beginning to collect data, have a sophisticated data strategy in place, or are anywhere in-between, Nashville Analytics can provide the right services to improve outcomes & foster a culture of data-centric decision making. We offer end-to-end solutions that address all your data needs from perspectives that create enduring organizational value.

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Our engagements are uncommon because we are uncommon. Each member of our leadership team has deep operational experience across several industries. Independently thorough leaders, team builders, and outcome changers. Collectively they transform outcomes for each of our clients.

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Nuclear Reactor Operator in the US Navy before before realizing he was claustrophobic

James Suh

Founder and CEO, James Suh, is a veteran in many ways, from business operations to military experience. That’s why he’s determined – and able – to achieve excellent results while remaining on time and on budget. His commitment to providing meaningful value for his clients is the beating heart of the company.

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Part of his graduate studies involved searching deep in caves for new microbes

Cody Goodwin

From the construction work that shaped him, to the intellectual rigor of a Vanderbilt PhD, Cody’s resilience is his most defining feature. He’s spent his time seeking out and taking on new challenges wherever he can find them – because in his eyes, the opportunities that are most worth pursuing are the ones that make you grow the most. Now at the forefront of Nashville Analytics, he’s taking his relentless pursuit for knowledge and using it to make an impact for our clients.

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Was once selected to be on Survivor, and chicken'ed out

Holden Penley

Holden Penley is a jack-of-all-trades — but a master of data strategy and leadership. He’s worked hard to build those skills, too, because if there’s one thing he believes, it’s that the only way to understand something is to jump in and experience it for yourself. That steadfast confidence is one of the cornerstones guiding Nashville Analytics towards success.

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Champions for Data Democratization

Established Nashville Analytics to ensure modern tool & data techniques are available to our clients, no matter size or industry.

Believers in One Holistic Strategy

Experience and research shows top performers follow practices that foster a strong partnership between data technology and the business. We empower that connection within our clients.

Obsession Over Long-Term Impact

Our approach focuses on the critical elements of work needed now to unlock and empower the most positive outcomes for the future.

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